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Ferry to the Franzensburg

In 1807 the last major landscaping changes to the areas close to the Franzensburg were made. The earth walls that had stood until then and strengthened the defensive character of the castle were completely levelled. The Ritterschloss or knights castle now stood "completely free, with water flowing all around it". In this area, the castle pond had gained the appearance it still retains today. The bridge, which had linked the Knappenhof at what is today the ferry tower with the mainland, was also dismantled during the course of these works.

At this point, a connection was created that corresponded to the romantic spirit of the times - the "transfer to the Franzensburg", a ferry service that remains world famous until today. In 1811 and in accordance with the plans of the "Mechanikus" Franz Besetzny, the first ferry went into operation, which was to become a true institution of the castle and its grounds. Today, during the season, the ferry still provides its services and transports visitors to the park to the "little treasure house of Austria" – the Franzensburg.

Todays ferryboat was built in 1964 and is, quite unlike the first ferry, of course, controlled fully electronically. But as far as the basic technology is concerned, the two drive wires and the traction wire, nothing has changed even after two centuries. And the Franzensburg would nowadays simply no longer be imaginable without this attraction.




During the season from Easter to All Souls, the ferry is available at the following times:

Days open Hours open
Monday Friday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Price list for ferry charges:

Ferry prices Price
Adults 0,70
Children as of 3 years 0,70
Children up to 3 years free
Dog 0,70

The Franzensburg can also be reached without using the ferry and outside the ferrys operating times. From the main park entrance (P1) follow the paths signed for the "boat hire", past the pond buffet, over the Gothic bridge, then passing the tournament site (Turnierplatz) and finally you will then reach the Franzensburg via the Iron Bridge and the Stone Bridge. If you select this route, please note that it will be a walk of about 30 minutes.

Up-to-date information about the operation of the ferry can be obtained from our park ticket offices during their opening times and from ferry employees. Our employees will be happy to provide you with any information you need!

Outside the season, our winter footbridge is available for use. We request your understanding that for organisational reasons access to the Franzensburg by ferry may be interrupted in the week prior to its being put into operation and in the week before the winter footbridge being erected.

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