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Childrens' playground

SpielplatzThe childrens playground is about 10 minutes from the main park entrance (P1), about 15 minutes from the "Riding stables" park entrance (P2) and about 30 minutes from the "Leisure centre" park entrance (P3).

The childrens playground in the castle gardens was always proportioned. In spring 2002, a general refurbishment of the some 4,000 m² of playground was undertaken.

An abundance of conventional play apparatus produced an enormous expansion of the range of possibilities for children predominantly aged between 2 and 10.

Spielplatz In spring 2003, a further step was taken together with the market town of Laxenburg. The existing playground area was extended by about another 2,000 m², but this time with the focus on a "play area close to nature".

We would also like to thank the federal state of Lower Austria, since it was only possible to create this playground because this Laxenburg playground project was subsidised to the tune of € 10,000 as part of the "Playgrounds close to nature" campaign.

In spring 2011, it was of great importance and pleasure to us to be able to again offer our young guests new play equipment. With this development phase, the childrens playground leaves nothing to be desired. We are very pleased with the new equipment in the form of miniature train, a basket swing, the "kleine Kogge" play ship and, the very first in Austria, a playhouse called "The Castle".

SpielplatzIn any case, in Laxenburg castle gardens you and your children will find one of the biggest and best equipped playgrounds far and wide. On the one hand, the many and varied types of equipment and, on the other, the tested safety have made this area for our little guests a special attraction.

Schloss Laxenburg Betriebsgesellschaft m. b. H. bids you, your families and your children a very special welcome to Laxenburg castle gardens and especially to the childrens playground!

Moreover: the playground is about 10 minutes walk (for children) from the main park entrance (P1). You can find maps of the whole castle grounds close to the park entrances.

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