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For tour operators

Dear tour operators!

Since 2002, Schloss Laxenburg Betriebsgesellschaft m. b. H. has been offering some key additional services for visitors to Laxenburg castle gardens and also in relation to guided tours of the Franzensburg.

In recent years, our gardens have in many ways become a premier destination for a wide variety of target visitor groups and thus also for many and varied events.

In Laxenburg castle gardens with their approx. 280 ha of woods and meadows, including the roughly 25 ha castle pond, and its cultural and historical treasures, we thus welcome over a million visitors per year.

Furthermore, we offer e.g. company events for several hundred guests, civil marriage ceremonies in historical buildings, church weddings / christenings in the chapel of the Altes Schloss, locations for all sorts of films or commercials, an optimal setting for outdoor training or races and dignified flair for a small private event.

Feedback from our guests shows us that an event in Laxenburg castle gardens becomes an unforgettable event in the park, at the pond, on an island or in the shadow of the Franzensburg.

We would be happy for you to visit Laxenburg and, of course, Laxenburg castle gardens with your company, tour group or event. Our team will be glad to assist you with information, advice and practical help!

The many different possibilities of Laxenburg castle gardens are greatly appreciated by many of our reference customers. Especially since the organisation of your event / celebration can also include the Conference Center Laxenburg premises (incl. the castle theatre) in the castle itself or local properties (e.g. the imperial railway station).

Call us on 0043 (0)2236/712 26-0, send a fax to 0043 (0)2236/727 30 or use the online form provided here:


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Or send us an
e-mail: office@schloss-laxenburg.at

We invite you to send us your enquiries in German or English. Thank you!



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