Conference Center Laxenburg / Castle theatre

Both properties are managed by Conference Center Laxenburg and are only open to the public in connection with events. For more information:

Conference Center Laxenburg
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Blauer Hof – Dining room wing

PortalThe dining room wing, probably the work of Nicoló Pacassi, is on the site of the former Sinzendorfisches Haus and came into imperial ownership in about 1756. The entrance front is dominated by a portico with sculptures of heron hawking. Inside there is a large oval dining room, whose walls are lent form by architectural painting. The ceiling fresco by Vinzenz Fischer shows putti hunting with falcons.




Castle theatre

Schlosstheater InnenOn the park entrance side there is a high portico with a curved gable. The wall surfaces are structured by sunken fields and superimposed panels. As regards the interior decoration, only the late baroque painting in the illusionist architecture still remains. The upper zone with volutes, floral garlands and putti was added in the 19th century.