Castle pond

At about 25 ha, the surface of the castle pond covers almost a 10th of the park as a whole. For centuries, water has been one of the most important elements in landscaping. In addition to offer possibilities for irrigation, water primarily has an aesthetic function, calming people and greatly assisting in relaxing them. In Laxenburg castle gardens, a romantic pool landscape has been created featuring no fewer than seven islands. Six of these islands have been planted with different species, while the seventh is home to the "little treasure house of Austria" – the Franzensburg.

SchlossteichIn summer, from Easter to the start of October, it is possible to hire boats from which you can admire and enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the gardens from the water.

BootsvermietungWhy not take trips by electronic boat, rowing boat or pedalo between wooded islands past the backdrop of an artificial grotto created from enormous rocks. Experience the Franzensburg from the water or observe the birds on the islands. There they live in peace and in their natural state.

Also from Easter to All Saints Day, it is possible to travel from the mainland by ferry (for a charge), while in winter a footbridge replaces this traditional ferry.

A large number of different species of fish live in the castle pond. Not only birds and animals living in the castle gardens feed on these fish. The pond is also used by Schönbrunn Zoo as a feeding reservoir for the animals living in Schönbrunn.

It thus goes without saying that for these reasons fishing is prohibited in the waters of the castle gardens, as is bathing.