Main park entrance

The front entrance to the castle gardens is marked on the left-hand side by buildings that are connected with the Blauer Hof (see the relevant description at a separate point). The entrance to todays Conference Center Laxenburg (originally the dining hall wing) or to the castle theatre is located in this area.

The two properties can only be accessed by the public in connection with events. For information or possible reservations for such events, please call Mr Andreas Stigler on +43 (0)664/8406971 or click Conference Center Laxenburg

PortalThe dining room wing, probably the work of Nicoló Pacassi, is on the site of the former Sinzendorfisches Haus and came into imperial ownership in about 1756. The entrance front is dominated by a portico with sculptures of heron hawking. Inside there is a large oval dining room, whose walls are lent form by architectural painting. The ceiling fresco by Vinzenz Fischer shows putti hunting with falcons.



Castle theatre

SchlosstheaterThe theatre was built following designs by Nicoló Pacassi from 1753.
On the park entrance side there is a high portico with a curved gable. The wall surfaces are structured by sunken fields and superimposed panels. As regards the interior decoration, only the late baroque painting in the illusionist architecture still remains. The upper zone with volutes, floral garlands and putti was added in the 19th century. Opposite the theatre are the former barracks, which together with a high portico also form a baroque symmetry with the theatre.



Passespielhaus (ball court) – Dairy (= the key building)

The core of this medieval four-winged dairy has been preserved. A baroque façade was added in about 1770.

PassetheaterThere is also a water source with an oval basin (= the bowl) and a lions head.

Just before you pass the entrance area of the gardens, you gain a first view of the vastness and historical variety of the garden complex. From the left, with a rear view of the castle theatre you can gain an impression of the various flora as you pass the fountain directly at the entrée, to the right there is a view of the Altes Schloss, the heart of the gardens. To the far left, so opposite the theatre, as a counterpart, there are the "barracks", which have the same external appearance as the theatre wing.