With its historic park landscape, the castle park is also an ecologically high-quality area. Many species, whether fauna or flora, have found an ideal retreat here. The rich plant life is an ideal pasture for bees, and some beekeepers have been taking advantage of this fact for many years.

With Markus Podhorsky beekeeping we have found a new partner who produces fine blossom honey for us from the castle park. The castle park as a “nature in the garden” garden guarantees that the honey also meets the criteria of an organic product. For decades, the castle park has been maintained 100% ecologically and chemical-free.

Get the nature of the castle park on your breakfast sandwich or give special people a little joy with this glass. Our blossom honey from the castle park is now available in the Franzensburg museum shop or at the cash desk at the main park entrance (P1).

Blütenhonig aus dem Schlosspark