Laxenburg castle gardens form a historical park that is classified as a historical monument.
We therefore request the understanding of visitors and ask them to comply with the following regulations.

Using the gardens and keeping them clean

(1) Laxenburg castle gardens are open to the public throughout the year. An admission fee is charged.

(2) You must always follow the instructions of the park staff, which are based on these Visitor Regulations.

(3) You spend time in Laxenburg castle gardens at your own risk.

(4) Please use Laxenburg castle gardens in such a way that other visitors are not put in danger or unreasonably inconvenienced. Do not dirty or deface facilities, amenities and structures (such as tables, benches, chairs, play equipment or monuments), nor spray them with paint, stick paper, foil or other material of any kind to them or damage them in any other way.

(5) In Laxenburg castle gardens you must not:

  • Deposit refuse or other objects,
  • Discard waste, paper (sheets of newspaper etc.), cans, packaging or containers,
  • Use fences etc. for gymnastics or climbing,
  • Climb onto structures, monuments or other fixtures without the consent of Schloss Laxenburg Betriebsgesellschaft m. b. H.
  • Start fires (e.g. for grilling or cooking) or keep them burning, operate grilling or cooking equipment, camp
  • ice skate,
  • or bathe.

(6) It is not permitted to leave the marked paths, meadows for leisure and play areas, start fires, use motor vehicles or ride bicycles, ski or cross-country ski, feed or disturb wild animals, make noise or play football on the meadows for leisure. You are also not allowed to bring water vehicles of any kind with you or operate them.

(7) It is dangerous to stand under trees during storms and this is therefore prohibited.

Protection of green and planted areas, prohibitions regarding access and driving

(1) In Laxenburg castle gardens it is not permitted to enter meadow and wooded areas, nor drive on or in them, nor to park vehicles (Para. 2 section 1 point 19 of the Austrian Road Traffic Act 1960, Federal Law Gazette No. 159, in the version of the law of the Republic of Austria Federal Law Gazette No. 86/1989) or similar means of transport.

(2) Correspondingly marked green and planted areas (e.g. play or other meadows for leisure) are exempted from the prohibition of access. Riding on such marked areas with wheelchairs, toys similar to vehicles and prams is permitted.

(3) In Laxenburg castle gardens harmful chemical, mechanical or other effects on plants of any kind (flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.) are prohibited insofar as they do not serve the horticultural measures of the park staff. Any damage to their habitat is prohibited.

Using paths

(1) In Laxenburg castle gardens you are not permitted to travel on path by vehicle nor park such vehicles on them.

Solely with the consent of SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H., this ban does not extend to the use of

  • Park maintenance vehicles (tractors and construction vehicles),
  • vehicles for access to establishments located in the grounds,
  • residential accommodation and business premises and events, and the
  • parking of the same,
  • emergency vehicles,
  • and vehicles operating on behalf of SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H.

Consent is given only in writing and is not transferrable.

(2) Entrance and exit for Laxenburg castle gardens is (except for rental and lease agreements) subject to a charge and is at the expense and risk of the respective driver. The parking of vehicles in contravention of the regulations may lead to the removal (towing away) of the vehicle at the expense of the driver.

(3) Within the area of the castle gardens a speed limit of 10 km/h applies. In the proximity of people and/or animals you must keep to walking pace or stop for reasons of safety until the people or animals have moved further away.

(4) The bridges located in the gardens correspond to the Austrian standard B 4002 – bridge class II. Accordingly, the maximum limits (max. 30 T) for crossing them must be complied with.

(5) Furthermore, the provisions of the Austrian Road Traffic Act apply.

(6) In Laxenburg castle gardens, only cleared and gritted paths may be used if there is snow and black ice on them.

Using sports equipment

(1) Children up to 6 years old are permitted to cycle in Laxenburg castle gardens provided that childrens cycles are used, which either have an external wheel rim of maximum 300 mm and a maximum speed of 5 km/h, or are equipped with lateral stabilisers.

(2) It is prohibited to bring bicycles into Laxenburg castle gardens. There are facilities for parking cycles in the area of the main park entrance (close to the park ticket office).

(3) Children and youths up to the end of their 14th year are, moreover, permitted to undertake all currently known fashionable types of sport (skateboards, scooters and similar).

(4) Permitted activities may only be undertaken provided peoples health and safety are not jeopardised and property is not damaged. Children under six are only permitted to undertake these activities if accompanied by an adult in charge of them.

Play and sports areas

Childrens games and similar activities

(1) SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H. emphasises that ice skating is not permitted on the castle pond, since these Visitor Regulations prohibit visitors from leaving the marked paths. Nor is any information regarding the ice quality provided by SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H. Therefore SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H. accepts no liability whatsoever. Any type of ice skating is thus at the risk of the skater.

(2) Playgrounds for small children may only be used by children up to the end of their 6th year of age and the persons accompanying them. All other play equipment may only be used by children up to the end of their 14th year with an authorised person supervising them.

(3) Ball games, except those involving small children, are only permitted on the areas intended for this and correspondingly marked.

(4) Running, inline skating and Nordic walking (also in groups) are permitted in Laxenburg castle gardens, but consideration must be taken of park visitors at all times. For safety reasons, inline skating for adults is not permitted at weekends and on public holidays.

Horse Riding

(1) Permission to ride in Laxenburg castle gardens requires separate approval and is only permitted on appropriately marked bridleways and parts of the grounds intended for this by SCHLOSS LAXENBURG BETRIEBSGES. M. B. H.

(2) Without exception, all activities with horses are prohibited in all other areas.

(3) People always take priority over horses in Laxenburg castle gardens. Horse riders must do their utmost to ensure the safety of visitors to the gardens. In particular, on partially obscured stretches of bridleway, only ride the horse at work. Particular attention should be paid to children and the infirm.

Visiting with your dog

(1) In Laxenburg castle gardens dogs must generally be kept on a lead. Laxenburg castle gardens are a hunting area. According to the provisions of the Austrian Hunting Act, dogs running free are in danger of being shot.

(2) There is a charge for bringing dogs into Laxenburg castle gardens.

(3) If dogs are brought into Laxenburg castle gardens, they must be kept away from green and planted areas. Those in charge of dogs must ensure that the animals do not soil Laxenburg castle gardens with faeces.

Marked meadows for leisure

On marked meadows for leisure and green areas of Laxenburg castle gardens, the driving and parking of vehicles is prohibited.

The ban does not extend to the driving and parking of vehicles on the above areas for the purpose of maintenance.

Responsible supervisory persons

Persons supervising minors (§ 4 of the Administrative Penal Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 52/1991) must ensure that these abide by the requirements and prohibitions of these Visitor Regulations.

Limitation provision

The requirements and prohibitions of these Visitor Regulations do not apply to actions or omissions that are already required or prohibited by a national or federal state regulation (e.g. Forestry Law for Meadows For Leisure in Wooded Areas).

Admission and other charges

The respectively applicable tariffs for park admission, the charge for bringing in dogs and the authorisation to drive into Laxenburg castle gardens can all be viewed on a notice displayed at the main park entrance (park ticket office).

Final provisions

(6) These Visitor Regulations apply with effect from 22.02.2016.

Schloss Laxenburg Betriebs GmbH
Die Geschäftsführung e.h.